100% Chef

100% Chef is a well-established brand based out of Barcelona, Spain, that has been delivering premium restaurant and bar equipment and luxury disposable tableware to the hospitality industry world-wide since 2009. The 100% Chef brand is synonymous with innovation, quality and value.

100% Chef is a brand strongly associated with the world of molecular gastronomy, thanks to their highly innovative solutions and advanced technologies. The 100% Chef brand has also become synonymous with ground-breaking creativity through the continuous evolution of their products and designs. From unique glassware, tableware and molecular gastronomy gadgets, their offerings also include functional everyday tools for the Kitchen and Bar.



Cocktail glasses designed with taste and adapting to each environment. Combined concepts for sipping. Nothing will be the same again, designs that reflect the vision of the bartender for his idea of a real or imaginary world.



Vanguard cooking techniques are possible to be made only using up-to-date appliances and durable professional tools. Cutting-edge technology made to expand and perfect your culinary skills while offering new dishes in your menu.



From classic table service to bar and buffeting, this unique tableware helps you create beautiful high-end presentations for your diners. Durable and versatile collections designed for daily professional use.



Small kitchenware designed with glass, metal, bamboo or plastic: our disposable or reusable products for catering, buffets and events are designed with keen attention to quality and durability. Combine these supports with different types of ambience depending on the occasion. Endless possibilities to serve take-out, street food, appetizers or snacks for bars or restaurants. Fully customizable products with full-colour logos to turn them into ideal advertising concepts to present campaigns and brand events. Become a trendsetter!

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