Acme Cups

Lauded by professional baristas and coffee advocates around the globe; Acme & Co specialty coffee cups are considered the benchmark against which all other cups are brewed.

The brainchild of Jeff Kennedy – The Godfather of New Zealand espresso - Acme coffee cups offers precision measurements with an enhanced drinking experience. A simple yet exciting design is the core of the Acme & Co brand, with coffee serving sizes being distinguished by colours, and durability is built in to weather any coffee accidents.


Acme Cappuccino Cup

Robust and durable, these thick walled classic shaped cups have a smoother inner-gradient to make for an easier pour.


Acme Tulip Cup

Made from durable, heavy duty china, these thick walled tulip shaped cups come in a range of colours.


Acme Union Mug

The Acme Union Mug is perfect for milk based espresso drinks or brewed coffee. Modelled after a 1930’s rail union cafeteria mug. Available in eggshell.


Acme Cupping Bowl

The ACME cupping bowl is proportioned for a generous cupping session with friends, and falls within the SCAA guidelines. Stackable for easy storage in your cramped little nerd den.

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