Birdy by Erik Lorincz

Erik Lorincz, Head Bartender of the highly acclaimed American Bar at The Savoy, London, and winner of World Class Bartender of the Year in 2010, had always been searching for unique and great shakers on his travels across the globe.

One fated night in a small Osaka bar, a man searching for the ideal cocktail shaker had a drink with a man trying to make the world’s best shaker. Two years of design, testing and countless cocktails gave rise to revolutionary new bar tools – Birdy by Erik Lorincz. Today the range also includes a strainer, bar spoon and mixing tin, all available in Chabowski Trading’s collection.


Birdy Strainer

The Birdy Strainer fits comfortably between your fingers, is easy to clean and minimize finger prints.


Birdy Bar Spoon

30 cm bar spoon with a convenient strainer on the tail end and smoother edges along the stem reducing the friction on your fingers.


Birdy by Erik Lorincz

Each shaker is micro-polish by hand to achieve an optimised surface smoothness that actually helps ice move more efficiently, thus helping you make better cocktails.


Birdy Mixing Tin

Hand polished to produce a horizontal grain, the Birdy Mixing Tin allows a smooth and efficient stir. Also the 3% copper added to the stainless steel helps spirits open up to release deeper complexity.

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