Boss Vakuum

Crowned “Best Kitchen Equipment” at the Pro Chef Awards in 2015 for their vacuum packaging machines, Boss Vakuum manufacture the widest range of standard vacuum packaging machines on the market.

Helmut Boss – a butcher – started Boss Vakuun in Germany aimed at providing efficient packaging solutions to his own trade. The efficiency and precision of their technology is unparalleled in the market, and Boss Vakuum products come in a range of different sizes to fit any F&B operation.


Boss Vacuum Machine Max 46-S

Alternating current design, Sealing bar : 460 mm, Vacuum pump : 21 m3 /h .


Boss Vacuum Machine Max 36

Continuous operation service button, Sealing bar : 360 or 720 mm, Vacuum pump : 21 m3 /h .


Boss Vacuum Machine Mini Max

Our table-top machine series Max comes in a space-saving and compact design. The controlled reduction of the oxygen content guarantees safe storage and transport conditions.


Boss Vacuum Machine Max

Time Control, Sealing bar : 320 mm, Vacuum pump : 10 m3 /h s.

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