By The Glass

By The Glass® superior preservation systems allow a fine wine to last a little longer, adding huge advantages to your wine service. Priding themselves in offering custom built solutions that fit snugly into any bar, They are also well known to offer excellent customer support, whether locally or globally.

The By The Glass® wine dispensers ensures that all wines are served at perfect temperatures, and maintains its great taste for a longer period of time. Thanks to this technology, clients can offer guests an even wider, and perhaps more exclusive selection of wines by the glass, adding undisputed value to your establishment’s offering.


By the Glass® Standard Wine Dispenser

The Standard wine preservation system range consists of dispensers that are made of high grade steel. They have between 6 to 20 bottle positions. The cooling is provided by powerful compressors, which, if desired, can be placed separately and at a distance from the dispenser. The cooled air is blown from the side and every Standard wine preservation system is also available with black edition.


By the Glass® Modular Wine Dispenser

The Modular has been designed to fulfil our client's requests for a system that offers the same outstanding preservation and dispensing flexibility as our Standard model but in a smaller and lighter package. The result is a unique, two bottle, single climate zone unit that can be used standalone or daisy chained together to create larger integrated systems.


By the Glass® Wine by the Card

The possibility to discover and enjoy a variety of wines in self-service with the help of so-called smart cards has been acknowledged as one of the hottest trends for promoting and selling quality wines. Wine bars and shops allowing guests to enjoy up to 100 or more wines by the glass have opened their doors all over the world over the past few years.

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