Centurion PrO-Xtract

Established in 1989, Centurion has grown rapidly into one of the United Kingdom’s leading centrifuge manufacturers, renowned for offering competitive, high quality products. Designed for professional chefs by industry leading chefs.

Designed with Leading Chef's, all Centurions are built to last; housed in strong construction yet with a sleek modern design. it will fit into any professional kitchen or laboratory. Centurion is available in various capacities from 400ml to 3000ml, and is renowned for its ease of use and diversity of utilization. The use of centrifuges across the restaurant industry has been rapidly growing over the last few years.

PrO-Xtract 3R Refrigerated Centrifuge 3L

PrO-Xtract 3R Refrigerated Centrifuge 3L

Speed (RPM): 500 – 10,000 (1 Rpm Steps), RCF Max (G): 22,000, Power (Watts): 1,200


PrO-Xtract 5R Refrigerated Centrifuge 1L

Speed (RPM): 500 – 10,000 (1 Rpm Steps), RCF Max (G): 4,800, Power (Watts): 448

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