Clifton Food Range

The Clifton Food Range ® provides professional chefs with cooking equipment, manufactured by Nickel-Electro, a brand leader in temperature-control laboratory and science equipment. The range offers users an unparalleled specific temperature control to produce perfect results.

Manufactured in the UK, the Clifton Food Range® line of Sous Vide cooking equipment is ideal for precision cooking at low temperatures to achieve consistent results and great tasting food every single time. Thanks to the Clifton range’s highly accurate temperature control and robustness, it features in some of the most well-known professional kitchens, including many Michelin star establishments. Clifton also manufacture a variety of different modern kitchen technologies, including freeze dryers and centrifuges.


Clifton Unstirred Digital Duobaths™

For consistent controlled cooking, Clifton water baths allow chefs to cook in a precise temperature controlled environment, to produce consistently perfect results. The duobath™ range allows chefs to use each chamber simultaneously at two different temperatures.


Clifton Bottlewarmer

The Clifton Bottlewarmer is designed to keep sauces and liquids warm for dressing plates and comes complete with holder and sauce bottles. The Bottlewarmer is available in three different sizes. The units can be placed on the pass to keep the sauces warm and to hand.


Clifton Clip on Immersion Circulator

This Clifton Food Range® immersion circulator is a space saving clip on heater/stirrer unit. The design has been finalized with the input from several professional chefs.


Clifton Stirred Digital Baths

Comprises an unheated tank and FL4D stirrer unit. Complete with stainless steel shelf and lid. Ideal for sous vide and other low temperature cooking.

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