Cocktail Kingdom

US based internationally acclaimed Cocktail Kingdom ® is the world’s number one manufacturer and distributor of professional barware, offering a wide spectrum of bar tools and accessories that have been created to meet the ever evolving expectations and standards of professional bartenders.

With a range encompassing both premium products as well as basic essentials, Cocktail Kingdom® has something to fit every style of bar and every type of budget. Chabowski Trading have long been a distributor in the region and offer a wide selection of standard bar tools, gadgets and drinkware from Cocktail Kingdom®, as well as their premium Reserve collection.


Cocktail Kingdom’s Reserve

Cocktail Kingdom’s Reserve collection is the perfect choice for any barman looking to add extra flair and elegance to his collection. Exquisitely hand crafted mixing glasses will add a pronounced accent of artistry when you are mixing a drink in front of your guests.


Blue Blazer Mug

The legendary bartender Jerry Thomas created the Blue Blazer cocktail where he would light a basic whisky punch on fire, then pour it from one cup to the other, back and forth, as a means to entertain his guests. Each Mug measures 575ml and weighs almost a pound.


Leopold® Coupe Glass

The brilliantly clean and smooth design coupe glass makes the perfect addition to your dining service. This glass truly features a sophisticated and stylish look. Its practical shape with a sturdy stem and stable base provides lasting strength through exceptional service.


Bitters Bottle

Just a dash will do you! Whip up a fancy cocktail with this classic 1930s inspired Gold Bitters Bottle. Makes for a great gift, or is the perfect bar accessory to add to your home-bar. Comes with a cork dasher top, and gold plating.

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