Conti Espresso Machine

With nearly 70 years of manufacturing experience combined with a genuine passion for coffee and the innovation thereof, Conti remains at the forefront of its industry. Conti produces commercial espresso machines of exceptional quality and undisputed reliability.

Since they first began producing espresso machines back in the 1950s in the south of France, Conti takes great pride in their craftsmanship and local skill in building their Commercial Coffee Machines. Even today, 80% of the machinery components are manufactured from scratch on site at their Monaco plant. The Conti coffee machines are suitable for both smaller operations within boutique restaurants and cafés as well as larger coffee chains. An ideal machine for businesses with high turnovers, the Conti Espresso Machines are incredibly robust, very easy to use, and most importantly, extremely consistent in the quality of the coffee it makes.


Conti CC100 Standard – 3 Group

Efficient, robust and competitive, A range of machines automatic using thermosyphon technology. Integrated rotative pump with copper boiler.


TT388 LYO – Coffee, Hot Water, Steam & Powder

The new TT388 range offers a model with 2 hoppers for powder products.(either chocolate, milk or tea) with immediate delivery of your beverage thanks to the control panel.


Conti Monte Carlo – 3 Group

New multi boiler technology with innovative pre infusion system.


Conti X-one Professional – 3 Group

Integrated rotative pump with copper boiler.

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