Jakobsen Design

Created by product designer Martin Jakobsen, the Jakobsen Design range is mainly influenced by minimalism and a penchant for finding innovative solutions. The brand philosophy is based on detailed work in terms of creating a simple, yet functional and aesthetic design.

Each piece by Jakobsen Design is hand-blown in the Czech Republic and is marked by Martin Jakobsen's design signature for authenticity. These beautifully hand crafted stand-out pieces are ideal for enhancing the presentation of a drink, and increase the dramatic and theatrical impact for your guests.


Jakobsen Design™ Gvin

The Gvin is a simple and practical tealight candle holder designed for floating candles. Add water inside the tealight candle holder to protect it against the hot wax and flame. A little spout is practical for pouring out of water, and thanks to the bevelled part it is very easy to ignite the candle without burning your fingers.


Jakobsen Design™ Kkis Set

The Kkis is as sweet like a kiss, and an innovative design which brings a refreshment on the international design scene. Kkis is the first ice cream canapé – making it easy to decorate your table with some incredible edible design. The chocolate, lemon or strawberry flavor? You will love it!


Jakobsen Design™ KarPPi

The KarPPi decanter fits flawlessly into the rEvolution collection. Its attractive organic design resembles the shape of fish, swimming up toward air, creating perfect harmony in between the simplicity and purity. Like fish needs water to live – a man needs to drink.


Jakobsen Design™ Quido

The Quido! A younger brother of the Halm lemonade glass. What is Quido? Zoomorphic design? A cocktail glass? An aromatic enhancer? It is a new challenge in the hands of all creative enthusiasts, perfect for next-level plating and cocktail creations.

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