Billed as the most social media friendly product for any outlet, the JetChill is the world’s first dry ice system designed to add a theatrical flair to drink presentations and enhance the guest experience.

The world’s first dry ice chilled smoking drinks machine is quick, easy and safe to operate. At a simple push of the button, the JetChill converts food grade CO2 into dry ice in just 10 seconds, creating a smoking, bubbling, vibrating reaction all while chilling the drink without diluting the flavor content. Developed over 5 years, the innovative system uses technology to create Dry Ice Snow (-79°C), injected directly into the glass and thus removing the need to manually handle it.


JetChill System

The world’s first Machine that creates dry ice powder. Quick, easy and safe to operate. At the push of a button the Twin Probe will create two dry ice charges in 10 seconds.


Floor Tray – Shot/Shot-Tail

The Floor Tray is a striking Point Of Sale that stands out in any venue. The powerful LED lights and smoking drinks create an unmissable effect.


Flavour Blaster Kit

The Flavour Blaster is the first piece of cocktail equipment ever standardised, an carefully safety tested to. MAKE beautiful bubbles with ease. INFUSE your drinks with aromatic mist. CREATE aromatic clouds for a dramatic effect.


Table Tray – Cloche – Shot

The Cloche tray is made from the finest materials and contrasts the natural wood with contemporary glass to create a memorable effect. The perfect apparatus for a host who enjoys entertaining their customers.

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