Le Verre de Vin

With over 45,000 clients in over 80 countries, Le Verre de Vin by Bermar International is a superior preservation systems that allows a fine wine to last a little longer, and the effervescence of Champagne to remain. This unique system will help boost sales and delight customers with every sip they take.

An innovative, high performance preservation system, the unique Le Verre de Vin has over 45,000 clients in 80 countries, and is designed to help boost sales, reduce wastage and expand a bar’s menu offerings. With vacuum technology, insufficient air removed from a wine bottle means oxidation will continue, but too much air removed will draw out the delicate esters and phenols from the wine, detrimentally affecting the bouquet and ‘deadening’ the taste. Le Verre de Vin removes oxygen at precisely controlled levels that preserves the wine without any risk to its subtle structure or loss in aromatics. For sparkling, Le Verre de Vin introduces a carefully calibrated infusion of CO2 into a Champagne/sparkling wine bottle, creating a pressure equilibrium that prevents any escape of CO2. A valve stopper then retains the CO2 under pressure and ‘locks in’ the natural fizz and taste.


Le Verre de Vin Classic

A powerful wine focal point whilst clearly demonstrating that each and every wine is kept in perfect condition.


Le Verre de Vin Compact

Designed for either surface mounting or discrete under bar installation.


Le Verre de Vin Tower

The Tower configuration offers the widest possible application of Le Verre de Vin wine preservation technology.


Le Verre de Vin Twin Pod Bar

A Twin Pod Bar at only 39 Inches wide, displays and temperature controls (two zones) 16 wines.

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