The Mavam range of espresso and coffee brewing equipment was developed with usability in mind for both the barista and technician. Designed by a long-time service tech together with the team at Mavam who collectively have more than 30 years’ experience servicing and engineering espresso and coffee brewing equipment. The original goals were to build a machine that was temperature stable, easy to service and most importantly, allowed for baristas all over the world to prepare espresso consistently.

Mach Two

- The Mach 2 introduces the game-changing Piano Key Group Activation, includes the new barista favourite Slap Activation Steam and keeps our popular ⅛-turn portafilter engagement, eliminating the repetitive and fatiguing twists and turns of historical outdated machines.

Under Counter Espresso Machine

The machine that started it all. Our Two group Under Counter Espresso Machine has a large 11 litre steam boiler with heat exchangers which pre heat water before individual 500ml brew boilers per group, this leads to our patented Heated Transfer System which allows our Two group machine to produce consistent espresso from shot to shot.

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