Probat Shoproaster

With a rich heritage reaching as far back as 1868, Probat Shoproasters boasts an impressive history of manufacturing and customer experience in the coffee roasting industry.

Founded in Germany, Probat's passion for coffee shines through in the high quality of their products, and their ongoing commitment and dedication to constant innovation. Their aim is to bring the very best out of your coffee beans. While the Probat Roaster was designed for Coffee, the machines are also suitable for malt, cacao beans and other similar products.


Probatone 12

The ideal machine for ambitious roast masters . Small enough to be flexible, big enough to really cut the mustard. The Probatone 12 processes up to 400 kg of green coffee into 340 kg roast coffee in 8 hours and can thus produce nearly its own body weight every day.



The machine for production and testing almost seems cute when compared with its bigger brothers and sisters, but it is, nevertheless, a proper Probat with an outstanding roast quality. A tabletop device not just for newcomers.


The P series (P12)

They are equipped with several advanced technical features, such as an innovative intelligent control system with extended functionality. Multiple additional design options make the P05 and the P12 unique for every roastery.

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