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A structured approach to marketing is essential to ensure continued success. Our marketing team will propose a yearly comprehensive marketing plan by quarter.
This will include static marketing, media based advertising, an electronic and paper mail campaign and an online strategy. It will highlight all industry events and trade shows throughout the year including award submissions as well as pre-booked presentations and training dates with consultants, dealers and bartenders at bartender Academies.
In addition to managing local websites, we also activate social media platforms for our brand partners. This content is developed in house as well as sourced from a number of other locations. In some cases we push content out to our dealer network to use on their social media platforms as well. We cover most of the major platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with a YouTube in process.


Chabowski Trading aims to have a presence in every major industry or hospitality trade show. We have exhibited at two of the largest food and beverage shows in the region: Gulf Food and the Hotel Show.
In addition to the larger exhibitions, we also focus on smaller local and regional organizations and events in the hospitality industry, to help cultivate the talent we have in the market. These events not only function as a marketing channel, but are an important education medium to discuss the brands that we carry.

Social Media

Our social media platforms have a high level of engagement from industry influencers and professionals, with a consistent growing following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Content is both created in-house as well as user generated with a focus on practical demonstrations of the brands we carry.
This allows the platform to act as both an education tool and a very important channel to generate inquiries.

Public Relations

We support our brand partners with announcements and releases either created or localized for the market to ensure it receives the highest traction. A primary marketing practice at Chabowski Trading is to craft stories and content that would be of interest to the local and international media, highlighting the brands and products that we carry.

Strategic Partnerships

We are passionate about what we do and supporting the community and its local talent is an extension of that passion. We do this through strategic partnerships with the principal Barista, Bar and Culinary training academies in the region. These strong relationships help us not only educate influential industry leaders but also future professionals, helping them to understand our brand partners’ products on a practical level.

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